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Solopreneur Bootcamp prepares students for success by helping them turn their business idea into a comprehensive plan for a real business.  In 12 weekly workshops you  move step-by-step through the process of defining your business model, creating business strategies, and development a specific 3-year operating plan.  You leave with a startup roadmap and a business plan you can literally take to the bank!

Bootcamp consists of 12 workshops which meet weekly for 3 hours.  Students also meet outside of class to collaborate and help each other with assignments.  Students must enroll for the entire module and complete the workshops in sequence. 


The total cost of the Introduction program is $1,120 which includes tuition of $995 for the 12 workshops and $125 books, software and printed materials.

Class Schedule

New classes are forming now.  We limit class size to no more than 15 students and try to group people by areas of interest and preferred class times.

For answers to questions or information about upcoming classes, please contact us.







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Bootcamp Class 1:    Product Definition
Objective:  Develop a clear understanding of the problem you are solving (or need you are filling) and a complete definition of your unique solution including features, advantages and benefits.

Bootcamp Class 2:  Market Definition
Objective:  Identify, size and characterize the target markets for your solution and define the reasons customers will buy.

Bootcamp Class 3:  Competition
Objective:  Identify and characterize your competitors (all of them!) in each market segment and define why customers will buy from you and not them.  

Bootcamp Class 4:   Business Model
Objective:  Define how this business will make money based on pricing, costs and gross margins.  Identify and assess risk factors that must be mitigated to ensure the success.

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Bootcamp Class 5:  Brand and Business Identity
Objective: Create the business identity, product positioning, key messages, and other marketing materials that will drive demand.

Bootcamp Class 6:   Channels
Objective: Determine how to reach customers with your marketing messages and physical products

Bootcamp Class 7:  Marketing
Objective:  Develop a plan to generate sales leads for your new business including advertising, social media and other business development campaigns

Bootcamp Class 8:   Sales
Objective:  Define your sales cycle, selling methods and management processes for driving sales, processing orders, and supporting customers.

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Bootcamp Class 9:  Business Operations
Objective:  Define organizational structure, licensing requirements, facility needs, and other physical aspects of your business.

Bootcamp Class 10:  Team and Business Systems
Objective: Determine the organizational needs of the business (employees, vendors, professionals, etc.) and the systems you will need to operate the business.

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Bootcamp Class 11:  Financial Projections
Objective:  Prepare sales forecasts, operating budgets and estimates of start-up costs to support creation of a 3-year financial model including income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements.

Bootcamp Class 12:   Startup Funding
Objective:  Estimate the amount of capital required to start the business and fund it through cash flow breakeven and determine where the capital will come from.


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