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Every new venture starts with an excited entrepreneur and an fantastic idea for a new business.  Some of these ideas are great and have the potential to become successful businesses, but unfortunately, most don't! There are problems with the product concept, the business model, the target market, or some other flaw which dooms it to failure.  The challenge is to catch bad ideas early and avoid wasting time and money.  And for good ones, the challenge is to pursue the venture in a systematic way and avoid fatal pitfalls.  Too many solopreneurs do neither which accounts for the high number of new business failures. 

Having gone through the process multiple times, I've gotten better at sorting good ideas from bad ones.  I've also learned many lessons about starting a company and the things you should and shouldn't do.  I've captured this learning in the curriculum of Solopreneur Institute.  Our programs take a disciplined, systematic approach to evaluating business ideas and to developing business plans that can actually be implemented.  The methods aren't foolproof, but if followed, they will improve the odds of success for any new business. 


Introduction to Solopreneurship.  A 4 workshop course to help you decide if solopreneurship is for you.  You'll learn the concepts and realities of owning a business and gain an understanding of what the life is like. You will also learn how to identify and evaluate business ideas.

Solopreneur Bootcamp.  An intensive 12 workshop program where you turn your business idea into a comprehensive plan for a new business.  You move step-by-step through the process of defining your business model, creating business strategies, and development a specific 3-year operating plan.  You leave with a startup roadmap and a business plan you can literally take to the bank! 

Business Coaching for Solopreneurs.  An on-going business coaching program where you have access to advisors, business resources and other solopreneurs who are also getting started.  It's an opportunity to learn, collaborate, avoid mistakes, and accelerate the success of your new venture!


If you're about to start a business, or have already taken the plunge and want to grow, Solopreneur Institute will improve your odds of success.


Contact us today if you have questions or want to apply for admission.






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