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  Introduction to Solopreneurship



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This introduction to Solopreneurship presents the concepts and explains the realities of owning a business.  Students gain an understanding of what the life is like and complete personal assessments to decide if it’s a career path they want to pursue.  They also learn how to identify and evaluate business ideas. 

Introduction to Solopreneurship consists of 4 workshops which meet weekly for 2 hours.  Students must enroll for the full module and take classes in sequence.


The total cost of the Introduction program is $365 which includes tuition of $295 for the 4 workshops and $70 books and printed materials.

Class Schedule

New classes are forming now.  We limit class size to no more than 15 students and try to group people by areas of interest and preferred class times.

For answers to questions or information about upcoming classes, please contact us.





 Class Descriptions

Intro Class 1:  What is solopreneurship?
Objective:  Learn what it means to own a business and why it may be the path to your future success.
Intro Class 2:  Is solopreneurship for you?
Objective:  Learn the traits and characteristics of successful solopreneurs and what you need to do to be successful.
Intro Class 3:  How do you find good business ideas?
Objective:  Learn how to identify business ideas and conduct a Business Opportunity Assessment to separate the good ones from the bad.
Intro Class 4:  How do you know if an idea is any good?
Objective:  Learn how to present your a business idea and receive feedback from experts and peers.




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