Hello, I'm Tom Eckmann, a serial entrepreneur with a passion for turning good ideas into great businesses!  The first 20+ years of my career were spent in "big time" management consulting with several international firms and as the senior operations executive in two technology companies.  But then I discovered the work wasn't that exciting anymore and decided it was time to pursue my true passion -- entrepreneurship.  For the past 18 years I've started (and exited) companies in software, business services and renewable energy, and helped many other entrepreneurs with their businesses. 

Now I teach and help others pursue their dreams of starting a business.  Below are some of my current activities.


I am a lecturer at the University of Washington's Foster School of Business where I teach classes in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial decision-making and business planning to graduate and undergraduate students.  I'm also a judge for the Environmental Innovation Challenge, Executive MBA business plan competition, and the annual UW Business Plan Competition.


My newest venture, Solopreneur Institute helps aspiring individuals start new companies or accelerate the success of their existing one. 

Through webinars, on-line learning, and one-on-one business coaching, we help solopreneurs improve their odds of success by refining their business ideas and developing comprehensive plans for their business startup, financing and growth.  [more]


I am Chairman of the Springboard Academy which helps women and men develop the skills and confidence to accelerate their personal and career success.  The Academy's programs are designed to give aspiring individuals a competitive edge in today’s workplace.  They learn how to define and market their personal brand, make great first impressions (in person and on-line), and develop the writing, speaking and networking skills to make that brand shine! 


Tom is the Seattle instructor for the Small Business Administration's e200 program.  Using the Interise StreetWise Steps to Small Business Growth™ curriculum, I lead Native American and other small business owners through a comprehensive 8 month growth planning program.




My book, An Interpreneur’s Journey: The Birth of a New Economy Business,  is a fictional account of a new business start-up.  It describes how one Internet entrepreneur ––Interpreneur–– reinvented an "old economy" business by moving to the web.    It provides real-life examples of what first-time, and for that matter, serial entrepreneurs can expect when starting a new company.  It's also a “how to” book which describes how to create new businesses and reinvent old ones using the Internet.  [more]





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